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We offer Medicare services according to your need, age, and eligibility

Which one are you? Below are descriptions of the different scenarios for which we can provide Medicare help and guidance.

  • 63 or younger (and planning ahead)
  • Between 64-and-a-half to 65-and-a-half
  • Working past 65
  • 66-plus and on Medicare
  • Designated Disabled and eligible for SSI
  • Dual Eligible for Medicare and Medicaid


Here is a summary of how we work with you.


It starts with a conversation

Whether meeting through a referral, a chance encounter, or at an informal Medicare educational event, our first contact begins an important relationship. Trust is critical. Open and detailed communication allows agents and clients to build enduring partnerships.


We gather important details

Based on our initial phone call, online video meeting, or in-person meeting, we will need to exchange enough information to make the best use of our time. There is much to consider and understand, which means sharing detailed, confidential information. Our role is to inform, educate, recommend, and enroll you in a plan that is in your best interest. It is really a partnership to get this done right. It can be done quickly, but we find that it is critical to verify and validate any recommendations prior to an enrollment application.


We leverage powerful technologies

We use technology platforms to compare and rank the best available plans for you based on your current health, health history, current list of drugs taken, and we work to reduce your future risks. The process varies depending on if you are new to Medicare or already on a Medicare plan. Regardless, we will walk you through every step to ensure you get off to a good start.


We lock in your plan. You rest easy.

Once we have your personal preferences, we have a complete portfolio of your health situation, and we have analyzed the results from the technology, we help you choose the path that will give you the best results and peace of mind.

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