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Justin Rodrigues

Martin Frey and MedicareATX are the best in the business. Martin is knowledgeable, conscientious, responsive, and kind. He’s the perfect person to talk to when you need to get health insurance, switch insurance, need industry insights, or have a problem that needs to be fixed yesterday.

Phyllis Campos

Martin is a resource you’ll want to share with all of your friends and family. Having lived two other professional lives, he is quick to let you know he is working in this role to give back, not make money. And through that freedom, he gives the best recommendations based on the client’s health, finances, and location. His wisdom is invaluable and I’m so thankful for what he recommended for me.

Julie Acosta

Martin was able to help me get the correct information regarding my Dad’s Medicare supplement and saved me a huge amount of stress and work. I highly recommend speaking to him!

Janet Schmitz

Martin made the process easy and made me confident in my choice. He really explain my options and how everything works. I strongly recommend him.

Dr. Susan Rao

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I am lucky to care for many Medicare aged patients. Martin Frey with Medicare ATX has been a God-send for many of those patients. He really has the best interest of his clients at hand. He helps them feel heard and safe when it comes to their insurance options and choices. He is incredibly knowledgeable about Medicare. And even more importantly, has the uncanny ability to explain insurance policies in a way that is very clear and precise. A part of his motto is “Expert advice at no charge”. So if you are looking for someone to be there in your corner or a loved one’s corner, I would highly recommend Medicare ATX.

Carey Rouse

I wish I had met Martin several years ago when my parents were about to get to Medicare age. We could have used Martin’s expertise to help my parents navigate the constantly changing, complex world of Medicare. We tried to do it on our own – that was a mistake. Martin’s services are free to anyone he helps because he gets paid by the insurance companies. Don’t try to figure out Medicare on your own…ask Martin to help. He’s an expert.

DeeDee Cline

Thank you Martin for all your help and tremendous knowledge on getting me enrolled in an affordable and great health insurance plan. It was such a relief not to have to deal with this myself especially being out of state. I appreciate all the information with my circumstances and how they could affect me now and in the future. Also your insight financially for the future. I can’t express enough what a relief and pleasure it was working with you and keeping me informed along the way.

Joseph Martin

Martin took the time to really listen to our situation. He asked questions that we didn’t even think to address that turned out to be critical. We are truly relieved after his compassionate and professional help.

Dana Brown

I recently needed some advice on my Medicare plans and came into contact with Martin. He helped me work though the existing plans I had by asking what my goals were, any previous issues that existed and then developed an update plan for me with a solid skillset and knowledge of a very convoluted and confusing insurance industry. He also helped with an older Plan D issue I had. I would highly recommend Martin, especially for us seniors.

John Head

There are people you can trust as they do have your best interests first and foremost. Someone that is not chasing money they can make selling X or Y, but working to be of service to others – That is Martin Frey.

I have been privileged to know him for years before I turned to him to get the best situation for me with Medicare. He helped me navigate the forms, questionnaires and such to get me something that works well for me.